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Starting with the list of David Chalmers, we have the following articles and references online. I have divided them into approximate motivational categories. This is now what Chalmers et al have done on the philpapers.org website. He now has categories for dualism, interactionism, and other topics in the Metaphysics of Mind. Interesting new papers from there will also be listed here. See also Dualism at LastSeminary.com

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Substance Dualism

Against Materialism = For Immaterialism

Generalised Dualism & Discrete Degrees

Dialogue on Mind-Matter

Parapsychology and Paraphysics

Mentalism & Linguistics

Structural & Formal Speculations


Property Dualism & Emergentism

Thomism:   'Hylemorphic' Dualism,  or  Hylemorphic 'Dualism'

Functionalism (ontological aspects)

Naturalistic Dualisms

Promissory Materialism (critiques)

Monist Materialism and Physicalism (selected!)

Electro/magnetic theories of mind

Mental Time, and the Libet Experiments

Mental Space

Monism (Neutral)

Nondualism (pro, selected!)

Nondualism (contra)

Belief in Other Minds and Dualism


Religious Considerations

Useful Discussion

Expository Lectures


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