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Reviews of Articles and Books

Eccles-iastical Dualism: Review of Evolution of the Brain: Creation of the Self  by Selmer Bringsjord and Joseph A. Daraio, 1997.

From Complexity to Life: On the Emergence of Life and Meaning
by Niels Henrik Gregersen (Editor), Oxford University Press, 2002
Review by Rainer Kamber

Descartes's Concept of Mind by Lilli Alanen, Harvard University Press, 2003.
Review by Sean Crawford.

Yujin Nagasawa, Critical Notice of Richard Swinburne's The Evolution of the Soul (Revised Edition)

Uwe Meixner, The Two Sides of Being: A Reassessment of Psycho-Physical Dualism, Mentis, 2004, ISBN 3897853760, reviewed by Leopold Stubenberg

Alexander G. Karczmar, discussion of Sir John Eccles, 1903-1997 Part 2. The Brain as a Machine or as a Site of Free Will?, Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 44.2 (2001) 250-262

David Cunning: Review of David Skrbina, Panpsychism in the West, MIT Press, 2005, 336pp, $35.00 (hbk), ISBN 0262195224 at ndpr.nd.edu/review.cfm?id=468

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