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Dual Physics

We may think that dualism has not been properly explained, but yet there are many instances of dualism that are already in physics. Some of these are controversial, others are not.

Possible Dualisms in Physics:

Wave-Particle dualism

Course notes at Sussex,

Particle or Wave? at Queen Mary College, London,

Some Basic Ideas about Quantum Mechanics at Exeter.


Potential-Actual dualism

Potential, Actual and Kinesis:
I J Thompson at Surrey: Change as Actualising

Fields of Possibilities:
Yuri at NCSU: www4.ncsu.edu/~ymishch/int1_2.html

Real-Virtual dualism & Multiple Generative Levels

I J Thompson at Surrey:
Derivative Dispositions and Multiple Generative Levels
Book chapter: Two stages of Propensity?
Talk: What does the Wave Function Describe?
Multiple Levels 'Inside' Quantum Physics? (notes)

Pregeometric-Geometric dualism

Electric/Magnetic Duality

Duality in Electromagnetism at Groningen

Duality with Chu Spaces

Chu spaces
Vaughan Pratt on Rational Mechanics and Natural Mathematics  (pdf, cc)

Not dualism or non-dualism

Christian Thomas Kohl: Buddhism and Quantum Physics: A strange parallel of two concepts of reality 

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