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  1. Quantum Fluctuations and the Action of the Mind (2002), Noetic Journal 3(4), 312-317
  2. The Tumbling Cube and the Action of the Mind (2002), Noetic Journal 3(4), 318-329
  3. The Effect of Ordered Air Molecules on a Tumbling Cube  (2002), Noetic Journal 3(4), 330-339
  4. Vacuum Radiation, Entropy and the Arrow of Time (2001), in R.L. Amoroso et al (eds.)
  5. The Arrow of Time and the Action of the Mind at the Molecular Level (2006), in D.P. Sheehan (ed.)
  6. Volition and Physical Laws (1999), J. Conscious. Studies 6(10), 27-47
  7. What Does the Mind do that the Brain Does Not? (2010), in R.L. Amoroso (Ed.)
  8. Does Consciousness Perform a Function Independently of the Brain? (1991)
  9. The Possibility Of Empirical Test Of Hypotheses About Consciousness (1994)
  10. What is Beyond the Edge of the Known World? (2003), J. Conscious. Studies 10(6), 7-28
  11. The Nature of Causal Action Qualities Needed to Enable a Causal Action, such as Free Will, that is Initiated in a Mental Realm to Produce a Change in the Physical World (2014), J. Conscious. Studies 21(3), 60-73
  12. The Action of Consciousness and the Uncertainty Principle (2012), Journal of Nonlocality, 1(1)

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