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22 Oct 2017, new online papers

20 April 2013, NDE papers: Files uploaded since 2 Feb 2011

6 Feb 2013, special (first!) issue of the Journal of Nonlocality

26 Sept 2012, section on Promissory Materialism

17 Sept 2012, section on Immaterialism ('Against Materialism')

25 April 2011, Pseudoskepticism page

17th March 2010, theism split off, to www.newtheism.com

23rd May 2009, book by Alfred Russel Wallace: On Miracles and Modern Spiritualism, 1876.

18th March 2009, list of Journal special issues

2008-9, Continually updating online papers and books.

8th Nov 07, discussion on whether the physical world is causally closed

9th Dec 06, expanded references to Hylemorphic 'Dualism'

6th Dec 06, discussions by and of Paul Bloom's ideas on innate dualism

22nd Nov 06, collection of papers by Donald D Hoffman.

28th Jan 06, Occasionalism at www.consciousnessmatters.com

20th Jan 06, collection of papers by Frank Sommerville Roberts.

2nd Nov 05, the Dualism Review, an academic journal, is launched.

11th July 05, section on Structural Speculations: Vaughan Pratt on a mathematical duality reminiscient of Descates'.

3rd Jan 05, sections on nondualism (pro and contra) and functionalism in online articles.

22nd Oct 04, added Ten Principles.

12th Feb 04, hosted directly by virtual server at easily.co.uk.

Feb 04: Adding 'Quantum?' and 'New Dualism' sections, as well as more articles from Philosophical publications about dualism, quantum mechanics, etc.

Jan 04: Beginning to write this website.

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