A refereed Academic Journal for ontological dualism studies: www.newdualism.org/review

Editorial Statement

The aim of this journal is to publish articles that play a useful role in the constructive investigation of all kinds of ontological dualisms, Cartesian and otherwise. Some of the background for this role is discussed in the accompanying website www.newdualism.org, and the editorial aim is to encourage the publication here of articles which deal with all aspects of dualism. We focus on dualism beyond property dualism, articles which may well be difficult to publish elsewhere because of explicit or implicit adherence to monist or supervenience approaches.

High standards of presentation and argument are expected, within a positive environment, and this should be reflected in the nature of the referees' reports. A constructive dialogue between authors and referees will sometimes be used to improve the quality of the final papers. We encourage truly interdisciplinary dialogue, which may well be difficult at the moment.

The refereeing criteria, in a subject such as this where principles are still being formed, will tend to be concerned with focus and formal structure. The articles should

  1. be concerned with ontological dualism,
  2. show sufficient awareness of history of the subject,
  3. attempt to construct a logical series of arguments or positions,
  4. not make unjustified 'grand claims', and
  5. be readable English.

Submitted articles will be examined by two referees, anonymously to the author.

Contact: Editor@newdualism.org